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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Plans To Reopen Boston University Lodge in Massachusetts

From the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts website yesterday:

Boston University Lodge was organized in 1925 under the direction of Worshipful Daniel Marsh, Boston University President from 1926 - 1951. Unfortunately, the BU Lodge was a casualty of the decline of interest in Freemasonry in the 1980’s and 1990’s and surrendered its charter in 1999.

Recently a few former members, including some Past Masters began concucting a “feasibility study” on reconstituting the Lodge. One of the initial goals is to reach out to members of the Fraternity to spread the news and attract potential members. The Lodge's by-laws limit membership to Boston University students, alumni, faculty and staff. Any Brother associated with Boston University interested in meeting with some like-minded Terriers, please visit www.BULodge.org. The group is meeting on a monthly basis to get to know each other and to discuss plans for reconstituting the Lodge.

An “academic” Lodge is a Lodge with close ties to a nearby institution of higher learning which is enabled by a strong partnership between a Grand Lodge and the representative university. Virginia's recently chartered Patriot Lodge was founded upon the example of the Harvard Lodge in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and other similar institutions.

The United Grand Lodge of England has strengthened its own "University Lodge Scheme" this past year, and has chartered more than 30 lodges attached to universities and colleges.


  1. Excellent news. I wish we could see all colleges have a small lodge of Masons. We are a society of learners and our values are still relevant.


  2. Small correction: The Patriot Lodge is currently Under Dispensation while we await the next Virginia Grand Lodge communication (this November). With luck, we should be receiving our charter then.

    Good seeing you on here as well, Brother Nick.

    Acting Senior Deacon
    of the Patriot Lodge, U.D.

  3. Thank you for posting this on your blog. I've received two inquiries based on people reading it on your site versus the trowel or grand lodge! James (contact@bulodge.org)

  4. Bro. Chris,
    I was planning to ask you to run something once we had more details in place, but I was very happy to see this post. For updates, go to www.bulodge.org and check out our Facebook page. We will be updating our website in the near future.
    Fraternally, Bro. Scott
    Wor. Scott Sherman, Master-Elect, Boston University Lodge A.F. & A.M.


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