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Friday, April 28, 2023

RV Vacations For Dummies: Special Pre-sale Offer Today Only

by Christopher Hodapp

This has absolutely nothing to do with Freemasonry and is, in fact, a shameless bit of self-promotion. For those interested in the RV books Alice and I have been writing for the Dummies series, we've got a special one-day only offer for our new one, RV Vacations For Dummies - 7th edition. Instead of regularly updating this blog, we've been embroiled in this particular project for almost seven months — the final manuscript and artwork was just sent to the printers last week, and the book isn't due to officially ship until June 27th.

So here's the deal: Today only (Friday, April 28th), Barnes & Noble online is offering a special 25% discount on pre-orders for books not yet published. Go to:


Shipping is free. When you check out, be sure to use the special code PREORDER25 to receive a 25% discount off the $24.95 cover price. This code only works at bn.com (NOT Amazon), and is only valid until mdnight tonight.

(Be careful, as there is an older 6th edition still being sold that's a VERY different book - it's got purple color bars on the cover. Ours is green instead of purple.)

And if you're interested in our companion book, RVs and Campers For Dummies, B&N has it for 10% off all the time, plus free shipping, here: