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Thursday, June 12, 2014

UGLE Restores Recognition of GLNF

The United Grand Lodge of England on June 11th has restored recognition of the Grande Loge Nationale Française, according to François Koch on his La Lumiere blog.  Several US grand lodges, including Indiana, have restored recognition of the embattled GLNF already after they gave former Grand Master Stifani the boot and did much internal work to fix their problems. But for the UGLE to re-recognize GLNF is major news, making the GLNF again the only major recognized grand lodge (of a dozen or so) in France. This should come as a relief to the brethren of France.

H/T to Mohamad Yatim

Monday, June 09, 2014

Indiana Lodges and the Indianapolis Colts Team Up

The Grand Lodge of Indiana is partnering with the Indianapolis Colts to offer our membership a very exciting opportunity! Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 23rd at 8 pm for Masonic Day at Lucas Oil Stadium! This is not only a fun event for our membership but also an extraordinary opportunity to spread the word about Indiana Freemasonry in a very big way. 

This prime time game against the New Orleans Saints will begin at 8 pm and will be televised on CBS. The first 400 freemasons (18 and older) who purchase tickets will get to go on field in full regalia for the Flag Presentation before the game, and while the ceremony is being televised the announcers will share details about freemasonry. You may represent with the regalia of whichever Masonic Body you choose. In addition to that, we will have informational booths in two locations upstairs, two locations downstairs and a spot in Touchdown Town outside in the tailgate area! These booths will provide information about freemasonry, as well as all of our appendant bodies and youth organizations.

Ticket are available on the Grand Lodge website in 3 price ranges, $61.00, $98.00 and $136.00. We encourage individual members to purchase tickets for themselves and for family members, and we also encourage local Bodies to purchase tickets for their officers! Make this an event in your uniforms, Aprons and Jewels! In addition, we will have an opportunity to go down onto the field after the game for about 30 minutes for post game photos.

The deadline to purchase tickets is July 1st and they are going fast, so don't wait, get yours now. This opportunity is one we do not want to let slip by, so we hope you will join us at Lucas Oil Stadium on August 23rd for Masonic Day.  Go to www.IndianaFreemasons.com to order yours.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Man Sets Himself On Fire While Trying To Burn Down Lodge

From the Daily Mail

A bumbling arson suspect is feeling the burn after he appears to have set himself on fire while trying to burn down a building in Ohio last week.

Adding significant insult to the clumsy injury is the fact that it appears that this is the second time the alleged firebug has failed to burn down the same building, a Masonic Temple in West Toledo.

And not only did the ham-handed flame-thrower set himself on fire while failing to burn down the temple, video of the entire humiliating incident was recorded by surveillance cameras - and released onto the Internet by authorities looking to track down the culprit.According to authorities in West Toledo, the suspect attempted to burn down the Masonic temple at 5025 Secor Road about 4:56 a.m. Monday.

Surveillance cameras recorded the unidentified suspect drive up to the temple, get out of his vehicle and walk towards the building. 

Shortly after the suspects walks towards the building, a burst of light is seen coming from the side of the Temple as the suspect is seen scampering away.

When the fire appears to burn out, the suspect is seen running towards the building, apparently to try again. When he backed away, the man's hand appeared to be on fire.He then jumped in his car and drove off.

Police in West Toledo say that fire officials determined that the suspect had used a patio brick with a burning rag attached to it to break a window at the temple on the north side of the building. The rag, officials say, was found on the lawn.

At the end of the day, the failed flaming brick did about $300 in damage. 

Authorities say someone attempted to set the same temple on fire on May 14. 

An investigation is ongoing to determine who attempted to set the building on fire, and whether the two attempts are related.