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— William Howard Taft

Monday, July 27, 2009

Old Navy and the Scottish Rite?

Several brethren have remarked on this on some of the various forums, but I wanted to wait until I got my very own.

It seems that Old Navy has inadvertently become a recruiting tool for the Scottish Rite. Check out the new shirt design, featuring the crowned double-headed eagle; the shield with the number "33"; the motto Deus Meumque Jus (God and My Right); the sword clutched in its talons. Who knows whether Old Navy's art director knew the real source of the clip art he was cribbing? Whether he did or not, the addition of the word "Honor" makes a nice touch for those who know it to be what it is. I suspect the company's art people were simply looking for a cool symbol that would part the average American teenager from $19.95. Mine came in "urban dwelling gray." Also available in "black jack" and "red velvet." Soon to be in high schools everywhere.

And just by sheer coincidence, it happens that it's the same artwork appearing on the wax seal on the cover of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code sequel, The Lost Symbol.

Curiouser and curiouser.


  1. Isn't that logo on a shirt a major copyright infringement?

  2. Cool...but I'd feel funny wearing it as I'm only a 32° Scottish Rite Mason. "I'm not worthy" (in the spirit of Wayne's World )

  3. I've had time to really think about this and if this is done with Scottish Rite approval then they have lessened the value of being a 33 by allowing every teenager in america the right to wear the logo of a 33, and if it is not with their permission and they do not seek out legal recourses on this then they are still giving permission to use the logo and lessen the true value behind the meaning of the logo. Being a 33 means something but now every kid in the world can wear the logo so few have earned the right to wear then what does it mean anymore?

  4. I PROMISE you, this was not done with the approval of the Scottish Rite. And even if either the Southern or Northern Jurisdiction has trademarked a double-headed eagle, crown, sword and the number 33, it needed to be a very specific logo design. This is a very old bit of clip art, and I suspect there is no action anyone can take over it. The same is true of Dan Brown's use on his book cover.

  5. I ordered one in black & red ... ;-)


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