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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Masonic Charges Withdrawn in Georgia Case

I have just received word that the charges against the Worshipful Master and Gate City Lodge No. 2 in Atlanta have indeed been officially withdrawn.

No word yet as to the civil case brought by Gate City against the Grand Lodge.


  1. That's good. But what's going to happen to the two lodges that brought the charges?

  2. That is fantastic what else can I say
    David Naughton-Shires

  3. The original lawsuit was to stop action against the lodge, so the court should find it moot. Unless the judge wants to start further action.

    I think it was pointed out that the 501c3 status of the lodge is at risk if found to be a discriminatory agency. So, all of the points in prior posts apply to the internal workings of private organizations and fraternities - but have further risk if found to be racist (the Bob Jones University status is an interesting history to follow).

    I am also interested to see what happens to those who brought the charges. Or if the Grand Lodge will in any way affirm racial equality in a statement.

  4. Chris, I don't think that I'm exaggerating when I say that the work of you (and other Masonic bloggers) regarding this case helped to bring about this change in the situation. Turn over the rock in the sun, and the slime underneath dries up. Thank you for bringing this ugly matter to light.

  5. I doubt the lodge is 501(c)(3). It is probably 501(c)(10) like most Masonic lodges (dues and donations to it are not tax-deductible).

    Regardless, you still have a point with regard to its tax-exempt status. Worse, it may threaten the tax exemption of every lodge in the state, if the lodge's federal tax exemption is based on a blanket exemption granted to the Grand Lodge itself. This is why the Grand Lodge has a strong interest in putting the flames out before the small fire gets out of control and consumes the entire structure.

  6. You're right Nathan, reading the court papers it is the 501(c)(10).

  7. Nathan, thanks for correcting me on the tax exemption issue. So does this mean the Grand Lodge is tax exempt?

    Incidentally, it was good to chat with you at Masonic Week 2008. Hope to catch up sometime. Be well.


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