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Monday, July 06, 2009

Here's Your Masonic Michael Jackson Conspiracy Theory

And you thought you'd never read a Michael Jackson story here.

It seems that Jackson's live-in doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray (left), who is at the center of the controversy over drug injections, is alleged to be a Freemason.

The money was one of the main reasons Murray decided to go on tour with Jackson, says Rev. Floyd Williams, 80, who is Murray's friend and patient. Murray had developed a booming concierge business — he was jetting off to see patients in New York and Washington while building his practice in Las Vegas. Three years ago, Murray joined the Freemasonry (sic), the international fraternal society that dates back to the early 17th century. His friends say this new network galvanized his growing side business.
Note what appears to be a Masonic officer's collar resting on Murray's shoulders. No knowledge at this time whether he is a member of a mainstream lodge, a Prince Hall lodge, or one of the literally hundreds of irregular, unrecognized "grand lodges" that are scattered around the country. (The Prince Hall research group, the Phylaxis Society's Commission on 'bogus' Freemasonry lists at least 8 irregular, unrecognized "grand lodges" with Las Vegas addresses). No one knows yet, but I'm certain the world's news organizations are hot on the trail.

So, welcome to all of you folks swooping in here who have Googled "Freemasons killed Michael Jackson!" in search of the Masonic conspiracy. And members of the press, please, buy my book. If everybody else is going to cash in on Jackson's death, I might as well reap a little pelf as well.

(Photo from the Fox website)

Murray's attorney Ed Chernoff has released the full photo of the doctor in his Masonic collar, with a caption reading "Dr. Murray has been a Freemason for three years" on the law firm's website. But after several weeks since this story broke, no one in the mainstream or Prince Hall Masonic community has been able to determine his membership.


  1. Bro. Chris, When I saw the image yesterday I was upset that they decided to use that image of the good Doctor. It will lend itself to the conspiracy nuts blasting out the 'see I told you so' messages. It doesn't matter if he is a member of an 'irregular' group, as as far as the profane are concerned, it is all one in the same. Although I would like to know either way, which network galvanized his side business. Who knows maybe it will help you sell some books though....

  2. None of us have any knowledge where the Fox news report came from, what lodge or GL jurisdiction he joined, or even if that is a Masonic officer's collar in the photo. As for a business network, most mainstream Grand Lodges forbid such networks, even though, privately, individual Masons may wind up favoring each other, You tend to favor the people you know.

  3. Something strange going on here. If he joined 3 years ago he would have hardly made master of his Lodge, let alone grand rank.

    I strongly suspect he has no link with mainstream Freemasonry.

  4. Dr. Murray Masonic question answered. Thanks to some intrepid Prince Hall masons, we found out that Dr. Conrad Murray is a member of the "Most Worshipful Scottish Grand Lodge of Texas" where he is a grand lodge officer with the title of Grand Medical Director. The MW Scottish Rite Grand Lodge in texas is an unrecognized clandestine grand lodge that has nothing to do with the MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas.. So there you have it ;-)

    -Dr. Mike

  5. The fact that his lawyer released this photo of his client wearing a masonic collar would have more to do with trying to use Freemasonry to garner his client some respectability instead of maligning the Craft.

    You often see attempts such as this to paint the clients character as being honest, respectable etc.

    Unfortunately, Freemasonry will be painted forever by this cheap attempt to paint him as a respectable professional, innocent of all charges.

    The courts will decide if he did something illegal, but nothing the legal system does or says will convince the anti-masons that the Craft had absolutely nothing to do with this.

    The kooks and nut-bars out there will be rallying around their fanciful theories as why the Freemasons killed the King of Pop. I would not be the least bit surprised to see Lodge-hall's vandalized and decent innocent men, especially our brothers in Prince Hall harassed by wackos, who for what ever reason believe that Freemasons are behind everything evil in the world.

    These kind of nuts and religious fanatics couldn't care less about the truth because its does not support their conspiracy theories.

    When it comes to the kooks and sensationalist media types that hide in the shadows of their own hatreds and fear, actor Jack Nicholson said it best "You can't handle the truth!"

    They can't handle the truth, and they don't care who they hurt in the process.


  6. I am an Alumna of one pf The Freemason's Children's homes.I know the symbol's all too well. Dr. Murrey is wearing the Purple cloth uner the neck wear, and in the neck piece, I see on both side, the very well known to me, Maconic symbol. I spent years groing up in the home, looking @ this symbol! tink530tfin


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