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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recent Masonic Newsletters

Thanks to Mark Tabbert for the kind review of Solomon's Builders in the latest edition of The Messenger, the newsletter of the George Washington Masonic Memorial.

While I'm looking at the newest stack of publications, the Summer 2009 issue of the Scottish Rite Research Society's Plumbline is the best I have read in years. This deceivingly small 8 pages is packed with a great article by Brent Morris on "The Royal Secret in America before 1801," and an in depth review by Jay Kinney on Marsha Keith Schuchard's "Restoring The Temple Of Vision: Cabalistic Freemasonry and Stuart Culture." Given the book's $364.00 cover price, Jay has done scholars a great service in thoroughly describing the book so those of us with moths in our wallets can decide whether it is worth owning or simply hoofing it to the library. Hats off to Editor Pete Normand and Asst. Editor Michael Halloran.


  1. Chris,

    Many thanks for your kind words about my article. It's a two-parter, so be sure to look for the conclusion this fall.

    Last week I rented a car in Florida, and the agent said to me, "Are you S. Brent Morris the author?"

    I puffed up a little, and said, "Yes. Which of my books are you familiar with?" (I didn't know if he were a Mason or a mathematician.)

    He then said, "You Masonic books. I particularly liked 'Freemasons for Dummies'!"

    Fame is such a fleeting thing. I can only hope you have similar moments!



  2. Yes, all too common an occurrence. When faced with someone thrusting a certain competing orange book at me, asking for me to sign it, my usual response is to accuse them of reading pornography.

    Then I just sign your name.

    This also works when you and I are at the same hotel and I have to sign my room bill.

  3. When faced with someone thrusting a certain competing orange book at me, asking for me to sign it,

    Feh! What kind of yahoo would do such a juvenile thing?


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