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Friday, July 24, 2009

'The Journal of the Masonic Society' Issue #5 On Its Way

Issue No. 5, Summer 2009, of The Journal of the Masonic Society will arrive in our members' mailboxes in the next two weeks.

The Journal is a quarterly magazine containing Masonic information written by authors from all over the world. Speculative papers, news stories, fiction, poetry, great photography, insightful opinion and other editorial elements reviving the golden age of Masonic publishing.

Features in the new issue include:

• 'The Two Confessions of John Whitney: an examination of the conflicting theories as to the fate of William Morgan' by Stephen Dafoe.

• 'Brother Bloom, The Most Influential Mason Who Never Lived' by Kenneth W. Davis.

• 'Debunking Reality: Solomon's Temple and the Power of Allegory' by Randy Williams.

• 'Multiple Dimensions of Silence in Freemasonry' by Shawn Eyer.

• 'The Orders of the Secret Monitor and the Scarlet Cord' By Richard L. Gan.

• 'International Conference on the History of Freemasonry 2009' by Christopher Hodapp.

• 'Masonic Treasures: The Washingtons of Donald De Lue' by Marc Conrad.

• 'The Dan Brown Effect' by Christopher Hodapp.

Plus news of current events, info on upcoming Masonic events, and other news from around the Masonic world. And the Journal accepts advertising from businesses of interest to Masons. It is a high quality, full color publication that is unlike any other magazine in the marketplace for Freemasons.

Since beginning in May 2008, membership in the Masonic Society has grown to nearly 850 members. A subscription to the Journal is only one of the benefits of membership. Our members-only on-line discussion forum has 541 members discussing 2,496 topics. And we're getting ready for our "First Circle Semi-Annual Gathering and Banquet," in Indianapolis on October 24th. The Masonic Society also provides special members-only offers discounts and premiums on books, and even gentlemen's clothing: we have just added a discount card for members at Brooks Brothers.

In addition to a lapel pin and membership card, each member receives an 11x14 patent, on parchment, with a hand-stamped wax seal. It is easily one of the most impressive membership documents in Masonry.

Membership in the Society is just $39, and is open to regular Master Masons in good standing of regular, recognized grand lodges in good standing with the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America (CGMMNA), or a grand lodge in amity with a member grand lodge of CGMMNA.

Non-Masons, libraries, lodges, and members of other obediences may also subscribe to the Journal at the $39 annual rate.


  1. Excellent! I look forward to reading it. Many thanks, Bro. Chris, for your sterling editorial work.

  2. I've been so very impressed with the quality of the Journal. I recommend it to all and sundry.

    Last meeting of my Research Lodge an number of people asked me what that "new pin" was. (I was more than happy to tell them.)

    After being a member for about three months, the patent hasn't arrived. I was told that there may be a delay, so I await the time with patience.

    Don Tansey
    Master, Philosphic Lodge of Research, Cromwell CT

  3. Don,
    I have a stack of patents that I'm behind on. Waiting on a new shipment of wax this week. And we've ordered a second stamp so both Nathan and I can handle this job.

  4. I figured that with any new endeavor there would be some delays in sending all the membership materials.

    The patent wasn't the reason I joined, although I am curious to see it. The Connecticut Blogger The Northeastern Corner described it as being incredibly cool.

    To any Master Mason of a Grand Lodge that is in amity with CGMMNA, I would heartily recommend membership in the Masonic Society.

    Not only is the quality of the Journal superb, the member forums offer a stimulating exchange with some of the most thoughtful and erudite members of the on-line Masonic community.

    Don Tansey

    *Note: The author of this comment was in no way coerced nor compensated for his opinions. They are his honest thoughts on his experience with The Masonic Society.


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