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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Congratulations to Tacoma's Krucible Lodge No. 318

Yesterday, July 25th, MWBro. Gale Kenney, Grand Master of Masons in Washington state and the officers of the Grand Lodge of Washington consecrated and installed the officers of Krucible Lodge No. 318 in Tacoma. The lodge has been operating under dispensation since April 2008. Krucible is now officially the newest chartered lodge in the state.

Congratulations to Worshipful Master Kevin Davis and the brethren of Krucible Lodge No. 318!


  1. Uh, Chris. It's Gale Kenney.

    I've had the chance to sit with him in Lodge on both sides of the border.


  2. My apologies. The misspelling came from another brother's account. Fixed now.


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