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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

"Shocking Coincidence!?"

Anti-Mason Henry Makow, Ph.D,, creator of the old party game "Scruples," and self-proclaimed genius, who routinely rails against Freemasons, Boy Scouts, Jews, feminism, the New World Order and gays, is just getting around to discovering that the official Google Mail avatar bears a striking resemblance to a Royal Arch apron.

Dang. He's all over us like white on rice.

Seriously, doctor. Didn't Mom and Dad have bigger dreams for you?


  1. LOL, Were every where, Were every where.

  2. Don't forget that it's also called "G-Mail" and them Masons worship the letter "G"!

  3. He must have gone to the Iranian school of symbolic interpretation.Plus, Every Mason knows the "internetz" was an invention given to us by our Reptillian UFO buddies and "Google" backwards is "El-go-og' " which is lizard speak for "Donuts after the meeting." I'm just saying......

    Bro.Tom T.

  4. Except, of course, only American Royal Arch aprons look like that. In the British Commonwealth, they're quite different.

    Justa PZ.


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