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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Massachusetts Lodge Seeks Historic Apron Information

A pair of historic Masonic aprons from the 1800s has been uncovered at Olive Branch Lodge in Millbury, Massachusetts.

From an article in yesterday's Daily Graftron by Jennifer Lord Paluzzi:

Stephen Qualey wasn't expecting to find a Masonic mystery when he decided to clean out the back hallway of the Franklin Lodge.

But tucked away behind decades of boxes and detritus was a display case with a bit of treasure: two Masonic aprons and sashes from the early 19th century, linked to two Oxford men with ties to Millbury's Olive Branch Lodge. Now Qualey is on a mission to find descendants of the two men with the hope of finding out more information about the historic relics.

"When I saw it, I thought it was just an old window," said Qualey, the senior steward of the Franklin Lodge. "I took it out and laid it on the pool table, wiped off the dust and went 'Oh great, who tucked these back there and forgot about them?'"

Under the glass were two silk Masonic aprons and sashes, with documentation cards indicating they once belonged to Amasa Roberts and Royal Leland. Both were listed as members of Olive Branch Lodge in Millbury (considered a "Revere Lodge" because its charter was signed by then-Grand Master Paul Revere in 1797) and Leland is referenced as a charter member of the Franklin Lodge, founded in 1852.

Anyone with information or family history of these men are asked to contact Brother Qualey at seniorsteward@franklinlodge.org

For photos of Olive Branch Lodge, visit Masonic Virtual Tours here.

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