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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kansas Masons and Cancer Research

The Kansas Masonic Foundation has surpassed its 2009 pledge of raising $2 million for cancer research at the Kansas University Cancer Center.

From the WellCommon.com website:

In March 2009, the foundation made a pledge of $2,011,000 — thus the name Campaign 2011 — to help KU in the fight against cancer. KU recognized the Mason’s generosity by naming the research wing of their cancer center the Kansas Masonic Cancer Research Institute.

The Masons presented a $166,000 check to Dr. Roy Jensen, director of the KU Cancer Center, at its recent annual meeting in Salina, bringing the campaign total to more than $2.1 million.

Since 1975, the Kansas Masonic Foundation has donated $22 million to cancer research at KU.

Its goal is to assist the KU Cancer Center in achieving National Cancer Institute designation — a designation that will not only benefit Kansas residents but patients across the Midwest region.

KU is making application on Sept. 25, 2011, which was the completion deadline for the Campaign 2011.

“The funds raised by Kansas Masons will help advance cancer awareness and research throughout the region. The Institute seeks to bring to the University of Kansas Cancer Center new cancer research programs, new resources for determining and providing more effective treatments, and greater opportunities to collaborate with the finest researchers around the world to conquer all forms of cancer.”

— Dr. Roy Jensen

The Kansas Masonic Foundation was established in 1966 to expand Masonic philanthropy in the fields of charitable, educational and scientific programs. They chose the fight against cancer as their top priority.

There are nearly 23,000 Masons who represent 243 Masonic Lodges in Kansas.

Those seeking more information can visit the Kansas Masonic Foundation Web site at kmfonline.org or call (785) 357-7646.

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  1. I recently received some Masonic items from the Widow of the man who appointed me to the line of my lodge. Among the items was a copy of "Whither Are We Traveling" by Dwight L. Smith, PGM. It seems appropriate to ask again Question 10:"Are there not too many well-meaning Brethren who are working overtime to make Freemasonry something other than Freemasonry?"
    Mike Clevenger, PM
    New England Lodge #4
    Worthington, Ohio


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