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Monday, March 21, 2011

Brent Morris in Albuquerque April 2, 2011

Because of some unexpected health issues, I have been forced to cancel all of my speaking events in April. The Grand Lodge of New Mexico, the New Mexico Lodge of Research and the New Mexico Second Circle of the Masonic Society all had three events planned for my visit to Albuquerque at the beginning of April. My good friend and Brother S. Brent Morris ("The Complete Idiot's Guide To Freemasonry") has graciously agreed to step in at the last minute and appear at all three, in a true demonstration of how an Idiot covers for a Dummy.

I deeply appreciate Brent for leaping through some scheduling hoops to make this work without much warning, as well as the brethren in New Mexico for their kind understanding.

Three Events with S. Brent Morris Saturday, April 2, 2011

WB S. Brent Morris, 33° GC, is the editor of The Scottish Rite Journal, a publication of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction. He was the first American to be elected Master of London’s Quatuor Coronati Lodge, the oldest Masonic Research Lodge in the world. He is author of more than ten books on Freemasonry. WB Brent has served as Executive of the Cryptologic Mathematics Program at the National Security Agency.

Temple 6 Lodge, 3801 Osuna Road N.E., Albuquerque.
12:00 P.M.—New Mexico Lodge of Research – Special Communication WB Brent - A presentation to be announced.
Guests are welcome, presentation will be at Refreshment.

2:00-5:00 p.m.—Workshop: Masonic Research 101 - $25.00

Limited to 25 participants - Open to both Masons and non-Masons. A workshop, led by WB Brent, on the basics of Masonic research and publication, including individualized discussion of attendees’ own research interests.

Chama River Brewing Company, 4939 Pan American N.E., Albuquerque.
7:00 p.m.—NM 2nd Circle, The Masonic Society – Festive Board - $35.00
Ladies and other guests are welcome. Black tie (tuxedo), dinner dress for ladies.
WB Brent will provide a presentation that includes both a history lesson and a magic show intermingled with a three-course dinner, and the Ceremony of the Seven Toasts.

This cooperative event to promote Masonic research in general and activities in this Jurisdiction in particular have been encouraged and sponsored by:
Grand Lodge of New Mexico • Lodge of Research of New Mexico • NM 2nd Circle, The Masonic Society • MWGM Bobby Arther • WB Stephen Balke • WB Ken Davis

RSVP for events with WB Ken Davis, 505-918-3050 or kdavis@nmmasons.org. • For the 2:00 Workshop, bring a check for $25 per person payable to "The Lodge of Research of New Mexico." • For the 7:00 Festive Board, bring a check for $35 per person (including tax and tip) payable to "Bro. Jay Williams."


  1. Chris,

    As reluctant as I am to correct you, my appearance is really about how a Brother covers for a Brother.



  2. It is indeed, and I am eternally grateful.

  3. In essence, they traded a Dummy for an Idiot.

    Get better, Chris!

  4. That's okay. We both wear it like a badge of honor.


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