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Sunday, March 13, 2011

60 New Indiana Freemasons

Congratulations to the more than 60 new Master Masons in Indiana raised yesterday at the Grand Master's Class honoring MW Kenneth E. Willis, Jr. Some 28 brothers also took their Scottish Rite Lodge Degrees.

Welcome to all of our newest Masonic brothers in Indiana!


  1. Congratulations to our 60 new brothers and welcome!

    Just a comment on MWBro. Ken.... He arose around 3:00am Saturday in Indianapolis. Attended all three degrees. Congratulated every new brother and signed their Bible and then drove to Vincennes where he was the guest speaker at Vincennes Lodge No. 1 Anniversary Dinner. He took time to personally talk with the 40 people in attendance before leaving for home. Truly, a man dedicated to serving the Craft.

  2. Let us not forget the 28 new Grand Elect Masons who stayed to take the 14th Degree of the AASR later that afternoon...


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