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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Texas Rabbi Becomes Worshipful Master

Galveston Rabbi James Lee "Jimmy" Kessler has many firsts to his credit. He is the first native Texan to serve as rabbi of Galveston's Reform Congregation B'nai Israel. He is the founder of the Texas Jewish Historical Society. And now he's the only rabbi to sit as Worshipful Master in a Texas lodge. Last week, WBro. Kessler was installed as the Master of Harmony Lodge No. 6 in the Scottish Rite Cathedral of Galveston.

From the Galveston County Daily News:

Harmony can trace its roots to the Galveston of 1839.

Kessler, who has served B’nai Israel as rabbi since 1976, has been a member of Harmony Lodge since 1977.

In addition, he belongs to the Scottish Rite Masons, the Royal York Masons and the Grand Lodge of Texas.

The original Harmony Hall building, which was designed by Nicholas Clayton, was constructed for the Reform Jewish community of the island.

“One misconception about Freemasonry is that you have to be invited to join,” Clyde Wood, Kessler’s predecessor in office, said.

“Having a man like Jimmy Kessler will only add to the public’s favorable opinion of Harmony Lodge.

“He is well loved and respected, not only in the Jewish community, but by people from all walks of life on Galveston Island.

“We are proud to have him lead our lodge into the future.”

Congratulations, WBro. Kessler!


  1. Congrats! This seems like a fitting match considering the historical and mythological foundations of Freemasonry--something so many seem to forget.

  2. ישר כח, אחי יעקב
    Congratulations, Worshipful Brother Kessler!

  3. !ישר כח
    Best wishes, Worshipful!!!


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