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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alton Roundtree Named 100th Blue Friar

Blue Friars Richard Curtis, Tom Jackson, Alton Roundtree,
S. Brent Morris, Rex Hutchens, Art de Hoyos, Pete Normand, Mark Tabbert

The Society of Blue Friars was established in 1932 to honor and recognize Masonic authors. The Friars meet annually in Alexandria, Virginia as a part of the Masonic Week festivities. Their meeting is open to the public, and it traditionally takes place on Friday at 11AM. Each year, a new Friar is named by the Grand Abbot, and the announcement is always a pleasant surprise. Following the announcement, the new Friar is generally expected to present a paper at the meeting.

On Friday, February 11th, Grand Abbott S. Brent Morris announced Brother Alton G. Roundtree has been named the 100th Blue Friar.

Brother Roundtree is the co-author with Paul M. Bessel of
Out Of The Shadows: The Emergence of Prince Hall Freemasonry in America, published in 2006. He is a Past Master, a 33rd Degree Mason, a fellow of both the Phylaxis Society and the Masonic Society, and has served as editor of the Masonic Globe Magazine, and the Prince Hall Masonic Digest.

His newest book is the most heavily documented work ever produced on the subject of the "National Compact" period of Prince Hall Freemasonry, and the struggles between what are generally referred to as Prince Hall Affiliated (PHA) and Prince Hall Origin (PHO) grand lodges.
The National Grand Lodge and Prince Hall Freemasonry: The Untold Truth is an exhaustive study of this subject, filled with documentation that has never been collected together in one volume before.

Brother Roundtree's paper was a recounting of events that led to the split between the two groups.

Congratulations, Alton for the well-deserved honor!

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