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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pennsylvania DeMolay Blog

My friend Seth Anthony and the Pennsylvania DeMolay have been running a blog for quite a while that focuses on working with youth groups, usually with a Masonic twist. They also discuss some history of the Templars, Masonic History, and general knowledge items. Seth is a tireless worker for DeMolay, Rainbow and Job's Daughters in Pennsylvania, and is one of those tireless brethren who seem to pop up everywhere.

That's Seth with me at the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Pennsylvania's Division Commander's Seminar, on the Patton Campus of the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, PA, earlier this month.

Check out Pennsylvania DeMolay News and Views.

In his capacity working for DeMolay in Pennsylvania, Seth has designed a limited edition DeMolay fez as a fund raiser, spreading his fuzzy fez fetish to another generation. And drop in and visit his Virtual Museum of Fezology.


  1. Fezzology link appears to be broken....


  2. Sorry. He changed the address on me. Fixed now, but it's at www.fezmuseum.com

  3. Thanks, Chris, for acknowledging Seth's great work for PA DeMolay!

    By the way-- we take guest writers on the Pennsylvania DeMolay Blog... and your recent research into the etiquette of wearing hats is something our kids need to hear!

  4. Thanks, Chris, for acknowledging Seth's great work on the PA DeMolay Blog and website.

    By the way, we welcome guest writers on the PA DeMolay Blog, and your recent research on the etiquette of hats is something our kids really need to hear!

  5. Sorry bout that Chris! My tech people updated the site so it made more sense in the URL area!


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