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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Connecticut Freemasons Magazine

Many thanks to WBro. Simon LaPlace, the editor of Connecticut Freemasons magazine, and to the Grand Lodge of Connecticut for running a full page article in their January 2011 issue about the Masonic Society.

The Masonic Society is the fastest growing research organization dedicated to Freemasonry, with over 1,300 members in 17 countries around the world.


  1. Bro Chris
    Well deserved. Every GL should follow suit.

  2. ahem, Right Worshipful to you, haha, but now that I've joined I find the forum very informative. And I love the latest issue of the Masonic Society, too. Can't wait for the next issue!

  3. There was also an excellent article by some guy Matthew Morris "Freemasonry Makes Men...Period" I think he writes a blog or something ;-)

  4. Woot! Great shout out for our local Masonic publication!

    M.M.M., I think I've heard of that guy ;)

  5. I want to take a moment to point out that under Bro Simon's management,
    Conn Freemasons has become a fairly interesting news rag. They try to avoid the blizzard of "grin & grip" photo articles that one normally sees in similar publications. And somehow, he's managed to convince many of the Grand Line officers to contribute essays and articles - some of them pretty well written, too (or at least heavily edited).

    Working with editor Carl Ek (author of the 20th anniversary of Prince Hall recognition series of articles, Connecticut Freemasons has also put together some stylish cover art.

    Bro. Simon's rather quaint fixation on The Beatles (a pre-historic rock band) has also induced him to recreate (in homage) some of their album cover art.

    Also, Bro. Simon is the admin behind our Grand Lodge website and associated network of lodge web pages and Facebook page. Kudos to him for being progressive enough to see how the internet can be a benefit for the fraternity.
    Ow! Simon, can you stop twisting my arm, now?

  6. I second W Brother Tom's praise of RWB Simon's work. Simon has done a lot of work getting us into the 20th century and even into the 21st century. *grumble, grumble, Why should we waste money on one of those new fangled newspapers. What's wrong with word of mouth and smoke signals. grumble, grumble."

    I heard a rumor that Simon might be starting a blog. Inquiring minds want to know and read!

    Brother Tom, who are the Bea...tles? Why would anyone name a band after a bug?

    Seriously, I often can't tell when the covers are a hommage to a Beatles cover. But I know that if the cover looks a little weirdly staged to start looking through their album covers online to get the in-joke. As a follow-up to my WM Seminar on technology, "There are men joining our fraternity (born 1993), who were born 23 years after the Beatles broke-up. Some of their parents weren't alive when the Beatles existed."

  7. Not to mention RWB LaPlace's valiant attempt to incorporate Skype as a means of communication for Grand Lodge Committees allowing a broader selection of Brothers to participate.

    Simon you can make the check out to "cash":-p

  8. Bro. Charles, the Beatles were an early band that played together for several years, and apparently pioneered the use of hypnosis embedded in music because they became even more popular after they broke up.

    But please don't get me started on the people who claim that there hasn't been any good music made since ____ period in time.

    MMM - I'm thinking that a certain Right Worshipful owes us a nice dinner, at the very least.

  9. I can't make a check out to anything.

  10. The November 2008 of the Connecticut Freemasons issue had interesting coverage of Bro. Hodapp's visit to Connecticut, where he met certain Tao's of Masonry.


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