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Monday, February 21, 2011

Masonic Cigar Clubs

Brethren in New York have formed the Masonic Cigar Club of New York City, and meet monthly at various cigar stores and other locations in the city. It is open to all Freemasons and their friends. The only requirement is that attendees bring something for the collation, and purchase a cigar from the hosting establishment.

Contact Brother Mark Martinez at cigars@onthelevelent.com and be sure to join their Facebook page here.

Brethren across the state line also have their own Masonic Cigar Club of New Jersey. They normally meet at JR Cigars (the "world's largest cigar store!") located at 301 Route 10 East in Whippany, NJ.


  1. This gives me an idea! Great post!

  2. What a wonderful club, I would love to visit if I ever get out that way.
    In researching the Detroit Masonic Temple history I find that when it opened in 1926 several Detroit cigar makers put the Masonic Temple picture on their box cover. I understand we had several different cigar boxes. But I have never seen one. I look on ebay all the time but have not found one. but it would be a great gift today for one of these clubs. I wish these club much success.

  3. In Massachusetts, we have the Order of the Clouded Canopy. They have a Facebook page, but are by invitation-only.

  4. If there's a better name for a cigar club than the Order of the Clouded Canopy, I can't think of it!


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