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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feast of St. John in Indianapolis

The annual Feast of St. John table lodge was held at Indiana Freemasons' Hall last night, and quite the feast it was. Eighty or so brethren gathered around the festive board for a wonderful dinner and presentation by Past Master Hal Grigdesby. Many thanks to the Master, Wardens, officers and brethren of the host lodge, Ancient Landmarks No. 319 (of which I am a proud honorary member), and to the always fine job done by Excalibur Catering.


  1. District No. 5 of the Grand Lodge of Alaska, F&AM, consisting of Matanuska Lodge No. 7, Eagle River Lodge No. 13, and Iditarod Lodge No. 20 held their first annual Feast of St. John last night, as well. There were about 35 brethren and guests in attendance, including MW Johnnie L. Wallace, Grand Master of Masons in Alaska. The guest speaker was Dr. Talis Colberg, who spoke on the Legend of Prester John.

  2. Wayfarers Lodge #1001 and Evans Lodge #524 of Evanston Illinois held their first observance of the Feast Day in a joint presentation on the 27th.

    It is definitely something we will do again!.

  3. So glad to see such a fine celebration on a great Masonic Day, St. John The Evangelist, which is also my birthday! I couldn't find a single Lodge even open in my neck of the woods on this important day. Old school tradition was most/all Lodges were at least open and some holding Festive Boards! This is tradition I'll work to revive this year in our comparatively small Michigan District.
    BC Smith
    District No. 28 of the Grand Lodge of Michigan.


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