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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas List II

Looking for a very special Masonic apron that isn't like everyone else's?

Look no further than The Craftsman's Apron. Artist Patrick Craddock creates hand crafted, leather and silk painted aprons in the style of the 18th and 19th centuries. No two designs are alike, and Brother Craddock's attention to detail is incredible. These aprons take time to create, so don't expect it to arrive by Christmas, but they are well worth waiting for.

Look through his website at the tremendous variety of decoration.

Washington DC's Potomac Lodge No. 5 has given permission to the US Capitol Historical Society to reproduce a replica of the gavel George Washington used at the US Capitol Masonic cornerstone ceremony in 1793. The gavel features a hardwood handle and a cast resin head mixed with particles from the marble from the original House wing steps. It can be yours for a paltry $145.00.

In 2004, The Grand Lodge of Utah sponsored the design and production of a Tartan fabric that would represent Freemasonry in Utah and elsewhere, created by Anne Carroll Gilmour, an internationally known tartan weaver. Colors were chosen to represent the various Masonic family organizations including the Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shriners, Job's Daughters International, DeMolay International, Order of the Eastern Star, and more.

Kilt and Thistle Scottish Shoppe is offering a complete line of products using the tartan, from ties and cummerbunds to a full kilt. If you have the knees for it.

Frugal Corner sells the kilt in acrylic at considerable savings, if wool isn't important to you.

The Scottish Trading Company, meanwhile, has a line of Masonic sporrans.

Rap star Jay-Z has coyly skirted the "Is he, or isn't he" Masonic membership questions for several years, making the game a lucrative marketing ploy. (No masonic body has conclusively claimed him.) His clothing line “Rocawear” has incorporated obvious Masonic and occult symbols in its designs.

Like in this "Snake Crest Shirt"

Don't leave the ladies in your life out this Christmas.

The Illuminati swimsuit, featuring the obverse of the Great Seal of the United States, from Black Milk Clothing, for $85.

Sure to be a hit among Eastern Star ladies, female Masons, and conspiracy lovers everywhere.

Gentlemen Masons should use extreme decorum when showing wearers how to make the word "MASON" and a Seal of Solomon from the letters in Annuit Coeptis...


  1. Wow, those custom aprons are beautiful! Thanks for sharing that link, I know I'll certainly keep it in mind for the future.

  2. For those who don't mind acrylic over the traditional worsted wool (or who don't have the money for wool), the Freemasons Universal Tartan kilt is also available from The Frugal Corner (not to sound like I'm spamming the comments, but I got mine there, and I gladly recommend them to any interested parties).


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