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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry 2011 Lecture Series

The new year kicks off with a new concept in Masonic education. The Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry 2011 Lecture Series is a free presentation by the Grand Lodge of Indiana F&AM, beginning January 1, 2011 and running through December 31, 2011. The forum’s “Intenders” will present the story of the fraternity since 287 AD to present. At the conclusion of each presentation you will have an opportunity to join with the speakers in a live conversation on Facebook at the "Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry 2011 Lecture Series" page.

The presentations may be heard live on Saturdays, in English, at 2000 Hours, 8 PM EST (GMT-5) on the dates posted. The presentations will be available on the website for only a two week period after the original broadcast. The Facebook chat room will be open for one hour immediately following each presentation.

01-01-11 In the Beginning Kenneth E. Willis Jr., GM Indiana
Four Crowned Ones Dr. John S. Wade, IPM, Quatuor Coronati
01-08-11 The Contribution of Irish Freemasonry to the World Bob Bashford, PM
01-15-11 The Evolution of Scottish Freemasonry Robert L.D. Cooper, PM
01-22-11 Formation of the United Grand Lodge of England John Hamill, PM
01-29-11 The Old Charges Revisited Prof. Andrew Prescott

02-05-11 Origins and Development of Royal Arch Masonry in England Yasha Beresiner, PM
02-12-11 Evolution of the Ritual Roger Van Gorden, PGM, Indiana
02-19-11 How 'modern' Freemasonry of the 1720s emerged Matthew Scanlan 18o
02-26-11 Why “Ancients & Moderns” ? Trevor Stewart, PM

03-05-11 The Grand Lodges in British Colonies, 1850-1900 Dr. Jim Daniel, PJGW, UGLE
03-12-11 Freemasonry in India Dr. Guy Beck
03-19-11 A Vast Chain Extending Round the Whole Globe: Freemasonry and Empire Prof. Jessica L. Harland Jacobs
03-26-11 The Evolution of Ritual Christopher L. Hodapp, PM

04-02-11 The Evolution of Scandinavian Freemasonry Dr. Andreas Onnerfors
04-09-11 The Royal Secret in the U.S. before 1801 Dr. S. Brent Morris, PM
04-16-11 The Evolution of Freemasonry in Japan Yoshio Washizu, PGM, Japan
04-30-11 The Social Evolution of American Freemasonry Mark Tabbert, PM

05-07-11 Female Freemasonry Dr. Andreas Onnerfors
05-14-11 Why Brothers Killed Brothers in the American Revolution Prof. Steven Bullock
05-21-11 Freemasonry in Australia & the South Pacific Martin McGregor, GL, GL New Zealand

06-04-11 Freemasons & the Greek War of Independence Andreas C. Rizopoulos, PM
06-18-11 The Catholic Church & Freemasonry Michel L. Brodsky, PM

07-02-11 The Doctrine of Exclusive Territorial Jurisdiction Grayson W. Mayfield III, DDGM, SC
07-16-11 The Largest & Most Beautiful Masonic Temple in the Entire World John R. Snider, PM, Docent, Detroit,MI

08-13-11 The History of the Grand Orient of France Michel L. Brodksy, PM
08-27-11 Masonic Jurisprudence Dan Hampton, PM

09-10-11 The Real Enemies of Freemasonry Jack Buta, PM
09-24-11 Let Your Work Become Your Mark Stewart W. Miner, PGM Washington DC

10-08-11 The Lausanne Congress William Almeida DeCarvalho, PGM, Brazil
10-15-11 Part 1: Prince Hall Masonry Ralph McNeal, MWPHGL, Arizona
10-22-11 Part 2: A Triumph in Masonic Spirit Ralph McNeal, MWPHGL, Arizona
10-29-11 Cuban Freemasonry Nelson King, PM

11-05-11 Hitler & Freemasonry Aaron Kornblum, MM
11-12-11 The Evolution of Freemasonry in South Africa Tom Webb, WM, Quatuor Coronati Lodge
11-19-11 The Philosophical Background for Masonic Symbolism W. Kirk MacNulty, PM
11-26-11 Is Freemasonry a Religion? Dr. Anthony Fels

12-03-11 God and Geometry Howard Coop, PM
12-10-11 An Historical Outline of Freemasons on the Internet Trevor W. McKeown, PM
12-10-11 The Birth of Internet Lodge No. 9659 Dr. Victor Sereno, PM
12-31-11 Masonic Awareness @ the Speed of Light Albert H. McClelland, PM
Portrait of a Mason Roger L. Terry, PM
Why Not Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love? Matthew J. McClelland, SW
Indiana Grandmaster's Closing Gregg Walbridge, DGM, Indiana

This program has been the longtime dream of Indiana's W:.B:. Al McClelland, and it is truly a labor of love on his part. Tune in Saturdays in the coming year!


  1. What a great program! Looking at some of those lectures makes me very jealous. I wish the GLoT had a program similar to this in full swing.

  2. Is there any word on whether this will be available as a podcast after the live stream?

  3. 287 AD? Did you mean 1287? 'Cos that would be pretty interesting if they've turned up any documented evidence.

  4. @Zack The presentations will be available on the website for only a two week period. The Facebook chat room will be open for one hour immediately following the initial presentation.

  5. They should create a podcast of this historic program. That's what I would do.

    Brother James Morgan
    Junior Deacon
    Corinthian Lodge #18
    Member Phylaxis Society

  6. Not every presenter may necessarily want their speeches recorded to be endlessly circulated for posterity across the Intertubz. I cannot speak for Al and his arrangements with everyone, but perhaps limiting the circulation of the segments to just a two week period was the way to solve that issue.

  7. Where can the first presentation (given on 1-1-11) be found?


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