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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ahiman: A Review of Masonic Culture and Tradition

A new Masonic journal has arrived on the scene. Ahiman is an anthology of Masonic writing, edited by Philalethes Society magazine editor and author Shawn Eyer.

According to its website,

Ahiman is dedicated to stimulating scholarship, penetrating interpretation and inspiring creative expressions focused upon the history, rituals, symbolism, iconography and philosophy of Freemasonry. Carefully researched and lavishly produced, each edition of Ahiman offers important material of interest to Freemasons and other students of Western esoteric traditions.

The first issue is balanced between new works and reprints of earlier Masonic authors. It features new contributions by Eyer, Adam Kendall, Thomas Worrel, Robert G. Davis, Erik Arneson, Mounir Hanafi and others. In keeping with the work that inspired the journal's title, it also reprints Laurence Dermott’s introduction to the Ahiman Rezon from 1756.

Ahiman is available from Amazon.com

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