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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Idaho Offers New Masonic License Plate

As of January 1, 2010, Idaho joins more than 30 states across the country in offering a Masonic license plate. They were approved by the Idaho Legislature, to join about 40 other specialty-plate options that allow Idaho drivers to financially support nonprofit organizations.

An extra $35 fee is charged when the new plate is first purchased; renewals will have a $25 fee, in addition to the regular annual registration costs. $13 of the fee will go to the state, and the remainder will benefit the Freemasons of Idaho.

Brother Darrell Waddell of Daylight Lodge No. 760 in Louisville, Kentucky has created a website that displays many of the different Masonic-themed plates from around the country. See it here.


  1. Very nice! I would love to see Utah get a plate like this. I can't imagine there are more Masons in Idado then Utah but you never know.

    S & F
    Justin LeCheminant
    Bonnveville Lodge #31

  2. How nice. I was hoping to get a Texas Masonic plate when I moved back here but they currently don't offer one. Bummer.

  3. Unfortunately, Colorado has discontinued their plates. Happened right before I was raised and thereby eligible for them.

    Chris Bursian
    Northglenn Lodge #194


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