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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grand Lodge of Scotland: Message About Haiti Relief

The Grand Master of Scotland, M:.W:.B:. Charles Iain Wolrige Gordon, has issued the following message (see the Grand Lodge of Scotland's web page about the Haiti earthquake here):

Brethren, we have all been horrified by the devastating earthquake that has struck the Republic of Haiti and the scenes of suffering and desolation on our television screens. Many Brethren have been enquiring how we, as Scottish Freemasons, can best assist in aiding the suffering of the people of that land.

Whilst the natural reaction of many is to contribute immediately to the International Aid Agencies seeking funding I have today consulted with the heads of all Masonic Bodies in Scotland with whom we are in Amity as well as with Grand Almoner and Grand Secretary and we are unanimous in our opinion that this may not be the long term best use of Masonic generated funds. In our opinion, considering that the funds generated by appeals to our Brethren are liable to be insignificant to the total of the International Appeals, any Masonic generated monies should be retained centrally and used for specific reconstruction or social projects once the country has achieved a measure of stability.

Whilst Provinces, Districts and Lodges are of course at liberty to contribute to disaster relief in any manner they wish all should be aware that the Grand Lodge of Scotland will co-ordinate the receipt of contributions from Scottish Freemasons worldwide. Any funds received will be retained in a designated account for Haiti Earthquake Relief and will be utilised entirely for identifiable projects in Haiti.

Brethren, Scottish Freemasons have always prided themselves in their generosity to those less fortunate than themselves. Charity is one of the foundations of our Craft and I do not need to emphasise the terrible situation in Haiti. I would urge all Scottish Freemasons to support this initiative and contribute as your circumstances allow to this most worthy cause.
All cheques, money orders etc should be payable to the 'Grand Lodge of Scotland' and clearly marked on the back or by accompanying letter - Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.

By necessity, this is an urgent appeal and further information as to how funds will be ultimately utilised and controlled will be given later, but I can assure you that every penny / cent received will go directly to those in need.

Charles Iain Wolrige Gordon of Esslemont Grand Master Mason
January 2010

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