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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Indiana Freemasons' Hall: Library & Museum Relocation

Phase II of the relocation of the Grand Lodge of Indiana Library & Museum from Franklin to Indianapolis is underway this week. Last summer, a portion of the museum artifacts were moved from the Indiana Masonic Home to the 5th floor of Indiana Freemasons' Hall in Indianapolis, and temporarily set up to give brethren some idea of the collection's scope. This week, a moving crew is bringing the shelving, books and archives to their new home. While it will take time, patience and effort to reorganize the collection, the important news is that the library will soon be accessible. The Library/Museum board will be scheduling regular work days each month. But the biggest benefit is that the collection will now be in a safe, secure location that will receive regular attention, and back home again in the headquarters of Indiana Freemasonry.

Indiana Freemasons' Hall is not an Indianapolis institution, it belongs to every Freemason in the state of Indiana. Improvements are being made to the building, and the Temple Board is dedicated to making it a place we are all proud of, as well as a destination for Indiana Masons to visit, tour, perform degree work, and make use of its facilities.

In other areas, Centre Lodge has made great strides with the redecoration of their 3rd floor social room. Hundreds of old steel lockers have been removed from the Raper Commandery No. 1 Armory on the 7th floor to create a massive new space that is being adapted for offices, storage, and a social area for the Indianapolis DeMolay Chapter. New offices are being built for the Masonic relief Board and the Indiana Masonic Scholarship Board. Generous contributions by the Indianapolis Valley of the Scottish Rite have purchased an electronic event kiosk for the lobby, and soon, new chairs and round tables for the 2nd floor Reception Hall. We have entered into an agreement with the Scottish Rite Cathedral that will allow their event planner to book weddings, reunions, meetings, etc. in our building, giving us a growing presence in the community, as well as an increasing stream of revenue. And we have undertaken an extensive engineering study to determine the most feasible way to air condition the building, which will stabilize the interior plaster and furnishings, along with the most important benefit, making the building habitable year-round for the first time since it was built a century ago.

If you are an Indiana Mason and didn't have the chance to visit the building during Founder's Day, don't be a stranger. Take the opportunity to visit YOUR Indiana Freemasons' Hall this year!

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