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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tour of Former Royal Arch Temple in Manasquan, New Jersey This Saturday

This message is circulating around New Jersey, and was passed along by Brother Jay Hochberg:

On Saturday, January 9th from 10 am to 2 pm, the Historic Royal Arch Building located in Manasquan, NJ will be open to visit for the first time in years. The former Goodwin Chapter No. 36 building which was built in 1923 has an historic Masonic Lodge room which is a beautiful, grand, expertly crafted work of architecture that you MUST see in your lifetime. The owners have agreed to allow Masons and their families to visit the building this Saturday. The Lodge Room is done in an Egyptian motif and has a 30 foot VAULTED ceiling that must be seen to believe! I have been to the Building and every Mason in NJ should see the architecture, workmanship and awe of the Royal Arch Mason Lodge room. The marble floors, inlaid keystone, columns, sphinx, eagles, paintings, hieroglyphics are all in great shape and create a true Masonic work of beauty!

I strongly suggest that you take this opportunity to visit the building this Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.

The Royal Arch Building is located at 168 Main Street, at the corners of Main Street and Route 71, in Manasquan, NJ. The Broadway Grill is located in the building and can be used as a reference point for your GPS system. I have included some web links to the building and some info about the Goodwin Chapter Building below.

Please send this to everyone on your list. Bring your friends and families for the tour. You do NOT want to miss this opportunity to see this grand RAM Masonic room which is sitting right in your backyard! Please remember to thank the owners for giving the tour of the building! The owners should be thanked by the Masons of New Jersey for not destroying this beautiful Masonic Masterpiece!

I truly hope that you can make it to the Building on Saturday. Please make every effort to attend the open house and see the Lodge room!

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Joseph Christian McCann
Sunrise Lodge #288
Most Excellent High Priest
Goodwin Hiram Chapter No1

Here is a link to an article about the building from 2008: Old Masonic temple full of mysteries

According to that article, the Temple was built by the Goodwin Royal Arch Chapter in 1923, but was lost in a sheriff's sale in 1953 for $50,000. Businesses have inhabited the first and second floors, but the third floor has been largely untouched for more than half a century, mostly because of the prohibitive cost of adding an elevator, sprinklers and modern building requirements.


  1. are there pictures for those of us too far away to come to the open house??

  2. If the people who did visit the temple and toured it on Sat. 1/9/10 would please talk amongst yourselves as to who "stole" or "accidentally took" one of the most precious books from the safe in the back room. Please return the book anonymously to the building and all will be forgiven. This is not how the Mason's behave I'm sure, and would like to believe that there is a higher value to what being a Mason means to all of you.


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