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Sunday, January 24, 2010

GL of Colorado Relaxes Alcohol Rules

The Grand Lodge of Colorado voted yesterday to relax restrictions on alcohol in their Temples. Colorado Masons have been allowed to serve alcohol in their table lodges, as well as before or after lodge during festive boards, etc. However, there was a restriction that prevented a lodge from renting to outside, non-Masonic groups serving hootch within two hours before or after lodge opened and closed in the same building.

The rule was overturned yesterday. Colorado Masonic Temple Boards and building societies are now given the freedom to rent rooms in their buildings to any group serving alcohol, even if a lodge meeting is occurring elsewhere in the building at the same time.

Great Caesar's Ghost!
Masons treating Masons like adults!
Masonic buildings given the opportunity to generate cash flow by renting to the community!

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  1. WOW, glad to hear it. Only some 30+ years after Detroit got their liquor license. Outside business can save many Masonic Temple, and those type business's want a drink or two.


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