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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Deciphering The Lost Symbol Now Available

Deciphering the Lost Symbol: Freemasons, Myths and the Mysteries of Washington, D.C.

Now Available!

Freemasonry and the founding of the United States have been intertwined since the very beginning. Now discover the secretive brotherhood of Freemasons at the center of Dan Brown’s novel, The Lost Symbol. Follow fictional symbologist Robert Langdon’s factual trail through the streets and monuments of Washington D.C., and into the innermost lodge rooms and temples of the Masons.

Best-selling author of
Solomon’s Builders and Freemasons For Dummies Christopher Hodapp has created the definitive guide to the symbols, legends, and mysteries of The Lost Symbol. Take an insider’s trip to uncover the true stories behind the Freemasons and the nation’s capital, and interpret the clues and claims of Brown’s book.

· Discover the meaning of “The Lost Word”

· Decode Masonic and alchemical symbolism

· Explore the innermost rooms of Washington D.C.’s Masonic temples

· Visit the restricted areas of the U.S. Capitol and other landmarks

· Uncover the myths in the maps and monuments of the nation’s capital

· Crack the codes buried in The Lost Symbol’s artwork and puzzles

· Examine how noetic science may change the way we perceive life, existence and the universe

From Masonic presidents, secret codes, and esoteric rituals, to curious cornerstones, monuments, and symbols,
Deciphering The Lost Symbol is the only key you need to unlock the secrets and the truth behind Dan Brown’s fiction.

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ISBN: 978-1569757739
Ulysses Press
Paperback, 208 pages,
November 2009

US $12.95 by Christopher L. Hodapp

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  1. Received mine this morning and already about 1/4 the way through (faster than i read The Lost Symbol and thus far it is an enjoyable delve into the mysteries behind the curtain at the end of the room.....


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