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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Indianapolis AASR Announces Meritorious Service Awards

More good news for my Indiana homeboys. Four brethren in the Indianapolis Valley of the Scottish Rite have been nominated for the Meritorious Service Award and their own red hats: James M. Gridge of Morristown Lodge No. 193; John R. Winkler of Southport No. 270; and two brothers with whom I share membership in Imhotep AMD Council No. 434, Brad Wooten of Century No. 764, and WBro. Carson Smith, fellow Vitruvian No. 767 member.

The awards will be given at the 2012 Council of deliberation meeting in French Lick, IN.

Since 1937, Councils of Deliberation have been authorized by the Supreme Council, NMJ, to annually present this award to a limited number of members who have distinguished themselves by outstanding service, leadership, and dedication to the AASR. Together with the Jewel of the MSA, the red hat is a decoration that can proudly be worn on any official occasion. It is a lifetime achievement, and the holder of this award becomes a permanent member of the Council of Deliberation and is entitled to place "MSA" after his signature.

Well done, brethren!


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