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Sunday, September 11, 2011

MM Degree in Blue & Gray

From Cape Island, New Jersey in Shore News Today, "Cape Island Masonic Lodge dons Blue and Gray":

At a special meeting in July, Cape Island Masonic Lodge #30 performed a Master Mason Degree on Roy Sundstrom and Roy Abrams. These newly made masons grew up together and participate in Civil War reenactments throughout the year. The degree was conferred by W.M. Harry Sundstrom, the father of Roy, who also participates in these events.

Sundstrom requested that each officer wear the uniform of the Union and Confederate armies during the degree. As a result, each officer proudly wore the Blue or the Gray during the first portion of the degree.

Following the degree work, three $1,000 scholarships were awarded to high school seniors pursuing their higher education. These scholarships were made possible through the Kevin J. Ward Memorial Scholarship Fund and are given annually. After the degree and awards, members and guests enjoyed fun and fellowship at a picnic, which included great food and weather.

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