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Monday, September 12, 2011

Morgan Disappeared

"Captain" William Morgan disappeared on this date in 1826 from Batavia, New York.

Just in case anyone knows where he is.


  1. He's got his own domain now: http://www.captainmorgan.com/


  2. I'll say it. We probably killed his disloyal ass. Not that I am saying we should have, but some brothers get a little wacky sometimes. I think our ratio of murders is pretty low compared to the 80,000 Freemasons Hitler killed and the many other Freemasons tortured and killed in oppresive countries over the years. Just one guy. Meh.

  3. He's sharing a flat in Fulham with Lord Lucan and Judge Crater. They need a fourth for bridge.

  4. Captain Morgan passed slowly this past weekend. He was seen being taken over a combination of ice cubes and accompanied by a goodly splash of Coca-Cola. The culprit seen emptying the sweating glass was said to enjoy putting the Captain away.

    Joe Wright


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