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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Australian Lodge Vandalized

I'm not sure what bothers me most about this story: the fact that an Australian Masonic lodge was vandalized and its members insulted, or that the police act like it was nothing.

From 'Uneducated, foolish protest' by Annabelle Beale:

Offensive comments sprawled on a large wooden cross left at the front door of The Masonic Lodge, Trafalgar last week has been described as an “uneducated, foolish protest”.

The Masonic Lodge building, which is home to the the Freemasons, was also vandalised with religious and homosexual insults.

Freemason member Rod Drysdale said the vandalism “appears to be some teenage, witch coven protest”.

“It would have been credible and maybe even worrying if it was done in a more mature and credible way but because of the obscenities, which are so disgusting in their nature, it has no credibility whatsoever,” Mr Drysdale said.

He said the Freemasonry members were not threatened by the protest because of the “obscene, offensive and misguided” comments.

“Looking at the way it is put together it is done by someone totally ill-informed and uneducated, with no understanding of Freemasons and what it does,” he said.


  1. It's the "totally ill-informed and uneducated" that are usually the most dangerous.

  2. Exactly. If they were nuclear physicists, I wouldn't worry.

  3. The Freemason quoted in the article doesn't sound very educated himself. Perhaps we are missing some relevant details, but what does a witch coven have to do with the vandalism of the lodge?

  4. And then there's the explanation that we are not a "sacred society", perhaps mangled from a "secret society?" The whole article is bothersome.

  5. So there was no actual damage done to the building? Doesn't seem like it from the article. Just a wooden cross left on the steps.

    Does sound like a minor incident overall at least as mentioned in the article. Wouldn't get to worked up over it, in my humble opinion. Would only make the silly kid who probably did it feel great if everyone got upset over such a minor vandalism.

  6. I feel that I should clarify the article since the press reinterpreted and wrote it to suite their take on things. Gentlemen, both the drawings and comments written on the Cross were of such a nature as not to be revealed, and since you have not seen them yourselves then I don't feel that you are in a position to comment. However, it was possible to draw the conclusion that they were done by either children, a child, or an individual of fairly limited education. Certainly limited in their knowledge of Masonic ideology and teachings. The Lodge is situated in a very small village where most people are known - I agree the Police might have shown more interest but due to lack of actual damage or threats of the same it was agreed to let the matter drop. Incidentally, we have had no problems since, which confirms our original feelings that it was best left to fade into history. Bushwick, for your information, we do have several 'dark-side' groups in the local area. The members are generally young and keep to themselves.


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