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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Master's Blend Coffee

We’ve all had it: that stainless steel pot of generic tar-like material that is supposed to be coffee, heated to a molten stage and belching smoke like the forges of Isengard. Nearly every lodge features this terrible concoction that has no business being labeled as suitable for human consumption. It isn’t even good for washing down green beans or cold spaghetti.

Comes now Zazzy’Z new Master’s Blend coffee, billed as “medium blended coffee, with light acidity and a sweet finish.” The label does not exaggerate. It is a mild coffee, blended of Malawi “AAA” and Indian Plantation, perfect if you aren’t the sort who demands a weapons’ grade morning brew. Best of all, it’s available as both a regular and decaf. (The decaf is Sumatra Lingtong.) I highly recommend both. Slip it in to the lodge pot and see if it doesn’t become the new crowd pleaser. As an added bonus, the label is beautifully designed and festooned with symbolism, and makes an suitable small gift for any Mason.

Both are available in 12 ounce bags for $8.99 plus shipping directly from Brother Oliver Craughwell’s Zazzy’Z Coffee in Virginia, at zazzyzroast@gmail.com


  1. Generally I do like a mild coffee first thing in the morning.

    The industrial brew is for later in the day :)

  2. Until someone creates unburnable coffee lodge coffee will always be horrible. I'd always assumed it was the first test of new candidates.

  3. I hate to be this way, but isn't it a violation of most Grand Lodges to use the square and compass to advertise for products/services. I mean, it's not like a masonic shirt or hat (to advertise that you are a Brother), but coffee? It just seems like a way to peddle your wears.


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