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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Haitian Masonic Temple Vandalized

Here we go again.

A Masonic temple in Haiti is the latest object of vandalism against Freemasons. This time it's a curious attack against both Masonry AND the Catholic Church.

From the Defend Haiti website today:

A freemason temple was vandalized in the northern city of Cap-Haitien on Saturday night, less than a month after the desecration of the cathedral in the same city.

"They destroyed everything, everything that was inside the building: bible, throne chairs, a complete desecration of the temple," an official of the temple, Karol Muscadin, told the AFP.

This act was not claimed, but leaflets were found on the site accusing Freemasonry of being a "group of criminals who use the bible to hide their true face."

'Just as the Catholic Church, the Freemasons are working for Lucifer, abandon these religions to follow Jesus in another church,'

Le Nouvelliste read the document, written in Creole.

In August, unidentified men ransacked the cathedral Cap-Haitien, Haiti's second city, destroying sacred objects and statues of saints.


  1. It is just terrible that in this day and age people still play the heresy card. My thoughts and prayers go out to that lodge in hopes of a speedy reconstruction.

  2. One of our unfortunate exports from the US has been extremist Protestant Fundamentalism. It has largely been well funded with US greenbacks. While I am certain that some, such as the US based evangelists found guilty of kidnapping and child abuse since the time of the flooding and the subsequent earhtquake, are aware of the nefarious activities carried out in the name of Christianity, I am certain that the majority contributing to the coffers do not.

    The Haitian example, which really is a horrendous stain upon the good name of the US, should be of double interest to Freemasons, as Saint Domingue (later renamed Haiti) played such a significant role in the history of New World Freemasonry. I suspect few US Freemasons know just how significant our small neighbor was to the development of the landscape of Modern Freemasonry.



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