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Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Ben Franklin Videos from the GL of Massachusetts

Several years ago, in the wake of the film National Treasure, the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts created a series of commercials for radio and TV, featuring actor Richard Easton as Benjamin Franklin, with the inspired question at the end of each one, "Is there greatness in you?''

The commercials were so effective, that several grand lodges, including Indiana, adapted the spots (with the blessing of the GL of Massachusetts, and with the original actor and production company) for their own states.

A new series three of inspiring videos has been released, again featuring Easton as Brother Franklin, but these are more directed to Masons themselves, along with explaining to non-Masons who and what we are about, in a longer format.

A Chat With America with Benjamin Franklin

A Charge To The Fraternity with Benjamin Franklin

A Charge With a New Mason with Benjamin Franklin
H/T to Alan Rothenberg


  1. Compliments to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts for more wonderfully produced videos.

    David Berger, W.M.
    Madison Lodge #93
    GL of NJ

  2. Brilliant and very timely. Our Brothers have done well! I'm not ashamed to admit I got teary eyed watching it!

    Bob Owens

  3. Every Mason should see these videos. They truly explain our Fraternity and its goals.

    RW Bernard E. Triano
    Harmony Lodge No 8,
    New Jersey

  4. Thank you so much for re-posting these.

  5. Excellent points made. The statement regarding Masons finding their own truth about the Fraternity and who they are is particularly profound.

    Phillip Mauk, W.M.
    King David's Lodge #209
    San Luis Obispo, CA

  6. Very moving videos. Public Grand to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

    Humberto Rovira, PM
    Sons of Liberty Lodge #301
    New Jersey


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