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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Masonic Music of the 18th Century

My culture for the evening. I just downloaded from iTunes Musiques rituelles maconniques du 18ème siècle ('Masonic ritual music from the 18th century'), conducted by Roger Cotte.

It includes:

• Le Déluge - Rituel maconnique funèbre by François Giroust
• Mozart's Masonic compositions
• Marche Maconnique and Opferjed by Ludwig van Beetheoven
• Maureelied (En l'honneur du roi Fredéric-Guillaume III du Prusse) by Freidrich-Heinrich Himmel
• Marche maconnique funèbre by Henri-Joseph-Taskin


  1. Thanks for this! I'm considering doing a graduate paper on Masonic music, and this just inched me a little closer to the idea.

  2. I bought this lp on ebay a few years ago. Giroust was a fine composer who wrote a great Mass as well. Who says Catholics can't be Freemasons!

  3. @Peter

    The Catholic Church LOL


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