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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Bro. Richard Dreyfuss: "To the Soldiers of the Light"

The latest issue of the Scottish Rite Journal features an article by our new Brother Richard Dreyfuss, 32°, To the Soldiers of the Light:

On the night of my initiation into Freemasonry, I said that I’d been a Mason since I was twelve. It was not a joke, but a statement of fact. For as long as I can remember; I had hoped that one day I would become a member of this fellowship. I knew that the Secret of Freemasonry was no secret, that Free Masons stood for

*the Light,
*the free, open exchange of knowledge and liberty, and
*the work, discipline, and effort to maintain that Light in a never ending war with the Darkness of Ignorance.

Bro. Akram Elias was patient with a twinkle of constant enjoyment as he watched and waited for me to get where I was meant to be. When it was done on June 10, 2011, I can’t express how deeply I felt the rightness in joining with a society that valued ideas that I valued—ideas I knew were the shared ideas of the creators of the nation and were visible from any point in the Capitol.

The Scottish Rite Degrees spell out quite clearly the duties of a Freemason in safeguarding a democratic republic like ours by nurturing the values, principles, and ideals upon which this Great Experiment was founded. I believe the time has come for every concerned citizen in this country—more especially Scottish Rite Masons—to stand up and be counted among those who will play an active role in rescuing our democratic republic...

Read the rest here.


  1. What a great Brother Brother Dreyfuss is already! What beautiful reflections! I can discern a Masonic point to many of his movies, especially my great favorite, "What About Bob?"


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