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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Masonic Mystery Escape Game

Got a couple of hours to kill? Check out the Masonic Mystery locked room escape game. Actually, I got out in about an hour. Write if you need hints.


  1. Okay this thing is killing me...arrgh.

  2. 30 minutes, not too bad.

  3. The website logo looks a bit familiar as well..

  4. about 30 mins... who ever runs the building needs to be replaced. I nearly tripped on the corksrew on the stairs.

  5. Okay, I've wasted a couple hours (or 3 or 4) on it, and still haven't gotten out of the first room. I found the same objects as in the picture you have above, but don't know how I got the chain -- couldn't get it again the second time I tried to go through it. I presume the piano keys are out of order, but being deaf, I can't guess what order they're supposed to be in. I hate these things, because I should be extra good at them, but I've never gotten through one yet!


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