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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Unknown Medal

A Brother on Facebook passed this photo along. He says a fellow Mason found this among his great-grandfather's possessions, and that no one can seem to identify it.

If you blow the photo up, you can make out a square and compasses with a "G", so it is Masonic. It seems to be a watch fob, and I'm sure there were dozens if not hundreds of similar ones made by jewelers around the country. Does anybody have any idea what particular organization or lodge this medal may come from?  (Click the photo to enlarge it.)


  1. I suspect that it doesn't have any association beyond the Blue Lodge. My feeling is that it was a "generic" fob setup, with the shield left blank for monograms or what-have-you, and the Brother just decided to put an S&C instead.

  2. That looks to me like a mesh watch fob. Here's something similar: http://www.costumejewel.com/productDetail.php?id=137&item=Gold_Filled_Mesh_Chain_Buckle_Watch_Fob

  3. Considering the shield (very related to Templars), the jewels (points around the shield), and four squares (helmet, crescent, letter D, star); its seems like an artistic new coneption at that time of the 1932 emblem of Demolay. See it at:


    Just an idea to evaluate, in this case it needs an historical search about the life of the greatgrandfather of the owner.


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