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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wisconsin Masons Take Security Measures After Plot Fails

The Freemasons of Wisconsin are taking new security measures around the state after the FBI foiled a terrorist attack on Milwaukee's Scottish Rite Center. 
A place known for its open door policy is forced to make changes. 
"We want Masonry to be open to the public and to our members, but by the same token we have to exercise good sense too,"  explained Frank Struble, Masons Grand Master in Wisconsin. 
Milwaukee terror suspect Samy Hazeh was allegedly plotting to kill 30 people at the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center in downtown Milwaukee.  The door there is now locked 24 hours a day along with other Masonic facilities around the state. 
"Lodges meet there, Scottish Rite does their activities there....it's rented out for weddings and things like that," said Struble. 
The Criminal Complaint shows Hamzeh toured the Milwaukee facility.  The Grand Master doesn't know how the suspect got inside, but a tour for a potential wedding venue is common. 
When referring to his plan, Hamzeh targeted Masonic members saying "these are the one's that need to be killed." 
Struble doesn't know why someone would want to harm a group known for doing good.
"It's a chilling scenario, but who knows what twisted minds come up with," said Struble.


  1. Theft, Vandalism, and Terror are used to harm or destroy the infrastructure of a city, country or organization, like Freemasonry. Certain individuals and groups may increase their efforts of these immoral activities while America is experiencing it's "Changing of the Guard"(electing a new President).

    I would caution all Brethren to be vigilant during their travels and look out for one another at this time. Overseas high profile Grand Lodges with unique geographical locations and Masonic systems such as the UGLE, Grand Lodge of Sweden, Grand Lodge of Belgium, Grand Lodge of the Philippines, Grand Lodge of India, etc... should be especially vigilant at this time and so should any American Masons traveling abroad.

    Remember, do not simply consider the destination, but consider your stops in-between, as well. Enough said, hope some of you make it to the UGLE next year to celebrate the tricentennial of English Freemasonry with our British Brethren. Purchase your tickets at least six months in advance for the best savings. 😀

  2. Thomas, I appreciate your words of wisdom and would like to know more about UGLE. I"m the Junior Warden of our lodge here in Salt Lake City and if your on Facebook please send me a friend request so that we might be able to talk more. Fraternally,

  3. Bro. Ballantine, the following is a short list of excellent resources which will help you to gradually gain some insight on the UGLE and English Freemasonry:

    1. "BEYOND THE CRAFT" (now in it's 6th Edition) by Keith B. Jackson. This book gives you a Synopsis of all the major Masonic bodies practiced in English Freemasonry and allowed by the UGLE.

    2. (If you plan on visiting an English Craft Lodge) "Fred's Five Minute Talks" by Fred Lomax. This book tries (quite successfully) to answer almost any general question we could think of regarding English Freemasonry. For example, (in English Freemasonry) "With regard to lapel pins, the answer is simple. Those associated with other Orders should not be worn in a Craft Lodge under any circumstances." This book will save you from being 'that guy' and from being embarrassed.

    3. "Freemasonry: Symbols, Secrets, Significance" by W. Kirk MacNulty. WB MacNulty (I had the pleasure of meeting him) has been a Mason for over 40 years and is in the unique position of being a member of both U.S. and English Craft Lodges. He is an American Past Master of an English Lodge. MacNulty's book is full of beautiful pictures and illustrations, most in full color, which weave together the historical, symbolic, and philosophical aspects of Freemasonry from an American and English point of view, quite nicely.

    4. "The Square Magaine." It is a very good English Masonic publication with a cosmopolitan view of the Craft. it's Website is: www.ianallanpublishing.co.UK

    Finally, before traveling to any foreign Masonic Jurisdiction, including UGLE, be sure you first inform your Lodge Secretary so he will have time to inform the Grand Secretary of your intended Masonic visitation to a foreign Jurisdiction.

    This is proper Masonic Protocol and will protect you from visiting the wrong place. Also, Grand Secretaries have the unique ability to create an official letter of introduction (also known as a 'Masonic Passport') for you which can make your Masonic visits run quite smoothly.

    Sure hope this helps, happy travels! 😀


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