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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

MWPHGL of Michigan Needs Volunteers in Flint 1/30

The Freemasons of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Michigan are organizing on January 30th to distribute water to the citizens of Flint, Michigan.

From their website:

To the Men, Masons, Sisters and Eastern Stars of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Michigan, on Saturday January 30, 2016 we'll have 3 semi-truck loads of bottled water delivered to the City of Flint. We're going to need help unloading one of the trucks. This is a "Call to Action" for the Prince Hall Community at large. We'll need all hands on deck 11am @ Berston Fieldhouse, 3300 N Saginaw Street, Flint, MI 48505.

PHAMILY, our Brothers and Sisters there have been working none stop to take care of the City of Flint, MI during this crisis and could use your Man and Woman Power to make it through the 1st quarter.
Most Worshipful Grand Master
For more information, please contact:

Support our “Flint Water Donation Program” today with zeal and tenacity. Rarely do we find men and women who willingly engage in solid thoughtfulness of others. There is an utmost quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions, but my Brothers and Sisters this one is much more serious and requires pain staking effort, support and assistants. The call has been made and we must answer to the relief of the City of Flint, Michigan.

On behalf of the residents of Flint, Michigan and members of the Michigan Prince Hall Family, I THANK YOU for helping to make a difference!!!

Tyrone Hampton
Worshipful Senior Grand Deacon Bernt C. Walker @ (313) 350-5317 / on_the_square2005@yahoo.com
RWDDGL Kenyon McElway @ (248) 497-1698 / kmcelway@comcast.net
Also, the Grand Lodge of Michigan F&AM sent out a notice on January 20th asking for volunteers needed for distributing water, installing filter kits in homes, packaging test kits, data entry and staffing at the volunteer reception center. Please check with them directly to see what the current and ongoing needs are, as this message is now a week old.

For details, CLICK HERE.

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