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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Nebraska Lodge Vandalized

Another lodge has been broken into and vandalized. This time it's Miloma Lodge No. 328 in Ohaha, Nebraska. The brethren are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the criminals who did it. From the KETV-Omaha website today:
OMAHA, Neb. —The Miloma Masonic Lodge near 132nd and N streets was vandalized over the weekend.
Their burning tapers were broken as well as their jewels, glass and pictures.
Criminals also left juvenile messages behind, including a symbol in the dust on a television.
The vandals broke in around 2 a.m. Sunday, first trying to get in through a door, then smashing a basement window and crawling inside.
The lodge is willing to pay for information.
"The lodge stands for friendship, brotherly love," Don Connot said. "I would say to them, investigate what we're about. Willing to pay $10,000 for information, so we're ready to go to battle."
The criminals didn't steal anything, according to Connot, other than using Band-Aids because they likely cut themselves during the crime.
Anyone with information about the vandalism should contact Crime Stoppers at 402-444-STOP.


  1. I am consistently amazed at how many lodges don't have some kind of alarm system these days, especially as cheap as they have become lately. Freemasonry is just too tempting a target for a certain kind of mind that encourages crime, I'm afraid. It's just irresponsible for lodge trustees to ignore the problem. Grand lodges should probably put out a notice in their communications with members so that the rank and file are armed with the knowledge to bring the matter up in meetings.

    I have no vested interest in it, but one such inexpensive system is SimpliSafe, which has a base price of less than $250 and monthly monitoring for $14.95. It's wireless, uses an internal cell phone connection, and can be expanded to have video cameras, fire alarm, and more. Have a look at www.simplisafe.com

    There are many others.


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