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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ron Paul: Not a Freemason. Really.

Brother Greg Taylor over on Freemason Information at long last spills the beans about a question that has vexed the Anti-Masonic New World Order harpies for at least five years: Is Ron Paul a Freemason?

After reams of Intertube chatter, YouTube pieces carefully analyzing every Ron Paul handshake that ever appeared on video, and chills up the spine every time he drives past a Masonic hall on a campaign stop, the Congressman and Republican/Libertarian presidential hopeful himself has finally laid the question to rest. Greg is reporting that the Ron Paul fan site, www.ronpaul.com has posted a handwritten note from the candidate, firmly stating, "I am not & never have been a Freemason."

If you can believe that...


  1. would have been HEE-LARIOUS if he had written "So mote it be" after the signature....

  2. He seems so proud...!!!?

  3. That's exactly the response you would expect to hear from a secret loving Freemason!

  4. Well, yet another reason not to vote for him.

  5. He is too irrational. I'd never mistake him for a Freemason. ;^)

  6. Interestingly, there are about 75 Masons in the House..

  7. Sorry, I forgot to sign my post.
    Br. Dennis Oakland, MMS

  8. *shrug*

    Doesn't even matter to me.

  9. Yesss This is great news.
    Not that I ever thought he was.
    It's more that, were he, I'd try to bite my masonically a-political tongue and nut mutter profanities about how some dangerously narrow-minded libertarian could possibly be a member of the craft.

    Similar to Thomas Payne, I don't think he likes any form of collectivism.

    Also, who are the 75 members in the house?

  10. I know many US Freemasons who are Ron Paul supporters, so let's stop assuming that every Mason shares our own political views. There are entire Grand Lodges in Europe and Latin America that are divided according to political leaning, but here in the USA...there is an even mix. Lets try not to offend one another.

  11. Basically Ron Paul doesn't believe in government. Period. MobileEndUser, we can't stifle reason to coddle peoples' feelings. We are not in a Lodge, we are in the public square. Let's talk about issues and forget about the categories.

  12. oh I know that.

    But look, I give tours of a masonic temple. Most young americans think that we're all "Right Wing Good Old Boys", which is far from the truth.
    Were he, however, a brother, I would respect his views even though it would further perpetrate a stereotype that I, as a young left-leaning freemason, encounter almost every other day.

  13. Congressman Don Young from Alaska, while attending his KCCH Investiture here in Anchorage, informed myself and the other attendees that there were about 75 Masons in the US Congress. He did not name them.
    Br. Dennis Oakland, MMS

  14. Seamus: To be fair, I think we have our share "Right Wing Good Old Boys", at least in my neck of the woods.

    Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air in that, while he is a conservative, I don't believe he falls into the "good ol' boy" category. He is noted for his honesty and standing up for his principles. Even if you disagree with some of his views, you can appreciate the quality of his character.

    I proudly sport my Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker beside my Masonic emblem on the back of my car.

  15. Ron Paul doesn't believe in government?

    "Personal liberty is the purpose of government, to protect liberty - not to run your personal life, not to run the economy, and not to pretend that we can tell the world how they ought to live."

    That sounds like he does...

  16. I don't think it's "Bad" that we have some good ol boy members.
    What I'm saying is frustrating is that we have a stereotype within the young and more left leaning community that believes we're "All" right wing good old boys.

    As a young, regular, god-fearing and left-wing mason, I love our non-partisanship and it breaks my heart to see stereotypes perpetrated.

    It also leads to reactionaries forming/feeding off of the stereotype by making their own clandestine "liberal" grand lodges (simply out of fear of being alienated through said stereotype).

  17. First of all, the Letter Head doesn't look official. It doesn't look credible. Is anyone a handwriting expert to verify that that really is RP's handwriting?

    Secondly, I doubt if Ron Paul is going to admit to all creation that he is a Mason...The anti-masons would have a field day knowing this information, in RP's presidential bid for the White House.

  18. In our (Massachusetts) Blue Lodge, the rule is clear: no "political discussion" in Lodge, for the harmony of the Lodge.

    Given most of our members are ex-military, policemen, firemen, blue collar workers, DoD contractors and small business owners, there is little need for such discussions, for we are all pretty much in agreement, politically.

    And yes, many brothers like RP, but not everyone.

    Steven Manseau, 32° SR

  19. Steve, are you sure being military, LEO and blue collar automatically makes you of one political mind? There is some difference between generations and enlisted and officers.

    I am guessing that where your lodge is located is the single most likely indicator of your political affinities. One reason I picked the Blue Lodge that I did, was because it was Brother Hubert Humphrey's home lodge. Political views seem to be rather diverse there. You don't have to talk about politics to get an idea about how folks feel.
    I noticed since joining the SR and being in a more geographically diverse group, that affinities are somewhat related to if you live: in the city, first or second ring suburbs. Being in the Southern Jurisdiction, I wonder how folks mesh more conservative views with the thinking of Albert Pike. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because people interpret the Bible in wildly differing ways.
    Also, during degree discussions there are discussions about politics. Not about single issue stands, but rather, about our civic responsibilities and duties.

    --Lee Love
    Cataract #2
    Minneapolis Valley

  20. Quite a bit of issues Ron Paul speaks on needing be ended, such as Fed-Reserve and need to return to the Gold Standard (also against the Middle East massacres), are the lifeblood of the 'Sanctuary of Satan', making it very unlikely Paul is Pro-Freemaonry in any way.


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