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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Indiana's Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research July 9, 2011

The Dwight L. Smith Lodge of Research will meet next Saturday, July 9th, 2011, 12:00 PM at Jackson Lodge No. 146, 1818 Ewing St. (State Hwy. 11 & Redding Rd) in Seymour, IN. Lunch will be served.

WBro. Michael Gillard will present his paper "JUBILEE - 200 Years of Indiana Freemasonry".

This meeting is open to all Master Masons regardless of whether or not they are members of the Lodge. Cost of lunch will be $5.

The Lodge meets four times each year, twice in Indianapolis at Indiana Freemasons' Hall in Indianapolis, and once each in the northern and southern regions of the state. Currently, membership in the Lodge is open only to Indiana Freemasons who are members in good standing of a regular subordinate Lodge holden under charter of the Grand Lodge of Indiana, F. & A. M. Membership is $15 per year, due and payable on January 1 for the year in advance.

For more information, see the lodge website at www.indianalodgeofresearch.com , and be sure to sign up for the lodge Facebook page here.

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