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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Progressive Masonic Architecture

Brother Charles Lloyd Mashburn Jr. from Savannah, Georgia has an interesting website to showcase his design concepts for modern Masonic architecture. His Progressive Masonic Architecture site proposes "Architecture that expresses the Masonic ideas of 'Education, Knowledge, Unity, & Masonic Light' in a visual & physical form." The site has renderings of several of his original concepts for large Masonic spaces: a Universal Temple of Freemasonry in Jerusalem; a North Texas Masonic Historical Museum and Library, and an exterior treatment for Thunderbolt Lodge No. 693 in Georgia.

Have a look at the video fly-though of his Universal Temple of Freemasonry below:


  1. Very neat stuff! though I'd be happy if I could get my lodge to consider remodeling our building.

  2. From a distance it's a little "Crystal Cathedral"-ish, but it is pretty. I especially like the Inner Chamber (lodge room) with the skylight -- a literal "canopy of Heaven"!

  3. Overwhelming concept.Will attend the corner stone laying.Ill offer www.weofm.org series as a token in perpetuity.


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