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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GL of Massachusetts Withdraws Recognition of GLNF

The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts AF&AM has officially withdrawn recognition of the Grande Loge Nationale Française, at least temporarily. At their June 8th Communication, the Committee on Foreign Relations reported:

“Grande Loge Nationale Francaise (GLNF), unfortunately, since October 2009, has been increasingly disrupted by discord and disharmony. It is regrettable that under the current leadership these internal quarrels have led to law suits in the civil courts of Paris. These civil actions have resulted in two facts: 1. the day to day governance of the GLNF in now in the hands of a court appointed “ad hoc” administrator, and 2. the internal problems of the GLNF have been widely covered in the national and local press in France. In addition, the various groups within the GLNF have been airing their differences in public, often using excessive, un-Masonic and at time libelous language.

“A joint Communication from the Grand Lodge of Switzerland, Grand Lodge of Luxembourg, Grand Lodge of Germany and Grand Lodge of Belgium indicate they have jointly undertaken actions leading to the suspension of recognition of the GLNF.”
“Due to the internal problems within the GLNF and for the sake of regular Freemasonry and in order to protect the reputation of our Grand Lodge it is the recommendation of the Committee on Foreign Relations that this Grand Lodge temporarily suspend recognition of the GLNF, until the administration of GLNF is returned to the legitimate officers of the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise.”

A motion was subsquently moved, seconded and passed to temporarily suspend relations with the GLNF. This is the first U.S. grand lodge to take action against the embattled French jurisdiction. Massachusetts joins not only the grand lodges listed in the report, but Poland, as well. And the United Grand Lodge of England has informed its members that they are not to visit lodges in France.

The GLNF will hold its General Assembly and elections on June 27th.

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