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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Michael Jackson Masonic Murder Conspiracy

I'm sure you thought I was kidding when I said Michael Jackson's doctor Charles Murray would be accused of a Masonic conspiracy in the death of the King of Pop.

Now, People Magazine is reporting just that. According to a story today, Jackson's father Joe and his sister LaToya are accusing Dr, Charles Murray of being a tool of a Masonic cabal that runs the music industry.

From People Magazine Daily:

“Michael said to himself that he would be killed, and he told his mother that. ‘Cause he’s afraid that ah, he was afraid, to even do all of these shows, because he was afraid that he wouldn’t get a chance to finish all of the show because he couldn’t,” Joe Jackson said referring to the 50-date residency at London’s O2.

“He couldn’t do all those shows back-to-back. Even his kids say that he had told them that he would be murdered.”

Joe blamed “a whole slew of” people along with Murray for Michael’s death including Frank DiLeo and Dr. Tohme Tohme.

LaToya Jackson also issued a statement after the hearing Monday stating that other people were involved in Michael’s death.

“Michael was murdered and although he died at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray, I believe Dr. Murray was apart of a much larger plan. There are other individuals involved and I will not rest and I will continue to fight until all of the proper individuals are brought forth and justice is served,” LaToya wrote.


Murray is a member of the Freemasons according to Fox News; a centuries-old fraternal order with members including numerous heads of state in the Western World, wealthy business people and local middleclass citizens.

In July Fox reported Murray’s friends told their news group that since joining this fraternal order three years ago “this new network galvanized his growing side business [his traveling medical concierge business]” and placed him within the network of AEG LIVE executives in-charge of Michael’s forthcoming London concerts who recommended Murray to Michael.


A theory swirling around the world is that the Masonic organization Murray belongs to brought him connections with powerful people within the recording companies and touring agencies that are also members of that organization, and they conspired together to continuously drug Michael, sway him to assign his rights to music copyrights and other income streams over to them while under the influence of drugs.

Under closer examination of numerous current music videos and performances from the musicians employed by the few big American music companies, one can find a blatant recurring theme of illusions [sic] to Freemasonry and Illuminati lending credence to the theory.

Michael’s later work, such as the video for “They Don’t Care About Us” included illusions [sic] to battling against a sinister cabal, such as the Illuminati.

The Jackson attorney Oxman told Larry King Monday, “I think they intended to take a superstar, a megastar, and have him do what they wanted him to do, and one of the ways to do it was to give him every drug he could possibly ask for.”

Apparently the Jacksons and People Magazine are incapable of rudimentary internet searches, or of understanding the way Freemasonry works in the United States. Just for the record, Dr. Conrad Murray is a member of the "United Most Worshipful Scottish Grand Lodge of Texas" where he holds the title of "Grand Medical Director." The MW Scottish Rite Grand Lodge of Texas is an unrecognized, clandestine grand lodge on the list of bogus grand lodges identified by the Phylaxis Society. Their "cabal" extends to the city limits of Houston. But such details generally elude most non-Masons.

As for Masonic references in performances by acts like Lady Gaga and Jay-Z, they seem to simply be capitalizing on the new interest in the fraternity, and making fat wads of pelf by underestimating the intelligence of the public.


  1. This might be a stupid question, but what is the DOCTOR's bio doing on a LAW FIRM's web site? That alone would make me question any claims made by any of these people.

  2. Here's the decrepit building:

    How exactly do you guys know that Murray is a member of this Lodge? And how exactly is it irregular? This Terry L. Howard fellow - is he not a representative of the Order of the Eastern Star? Is not the latter recognized officially?

  3. Got here by surfing. Am not a mason. But it sounds like Jackson's family think he is much more important that he was! Why would any cabal want to kill Michael Jackson? (Except for maybe that little child abuse thing he had going on.)

  4. Terry,
    As you can start to decipher from the Phylaxis Society's list of bogus grand lodges, the African-American community has been especially pestered by charlatans who stick a square and compasses on their lapel, buy some aprons, download a ritual, and declare themselves to be a "grand lodge" without any authority whatsoever. The somewhat arcane internal struggles involving issues of recognition and regularity seems quaint, stupid or puzzling to non-Masons.

    Dr. Murray belongs to a self-declared grand lodge in Houston that has no recognition or authority whatsoever outside of its own lodge room. Only lodges chartered by the mainstream and predominantly white Grand Lodge of Texas AF&AM or the predominantly black Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas are recognized as regular by the overwhelming world of Freemasonry.

    The problem is that "Freemason" and "Order of the Eastern Star" are not copyrighted terms, and so bogus groups are not prohibited by law from co-opting them. Terry L. Howard is not a representative of a regular, recognized grand lodge, nor of a regular, recognized Eastern Star chapter.

    The black community has been especially plagued by these irregular Masonic groups. In some states like California, Ohio and Illinois, there are dozens and even hundreds of such fraudulent organizations that sound completely legitimate, or at least suitably ostentatious. Some were formed because of internal squabbles and schisms. Others exist solely to separate the gullible from their cash. And still others (Prince Hall Origination) date back more than 150 years to a brief experiment with a national governing organization that was quickly discarded by most Prince Hall lodges.

    In any case, Dr. Murray's allegedly questionable medical activities were not motivated, controlled, or otherwise ordered by a Masonic Plot.™

    I highly recommend the website of the Phylaxis Society’s Commission on Bogus Masonic Practices. It is an eye-opening introduction to a little known area of American Masonic history.


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