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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wheeling, WV Scottish Rite Receives Historical Society Grant

Desperate financial times combined with desperate structural issues sometimes call for creative funding alternatives when it comes to preserving our Masonic temples.

Back in July, the Wheeling, West Virginia Scottish Rite Cathedral was presented with a $68,000 check from the West Virginia State Historical Society to help pay for the installation of a new roof. Their regular work sessions also bring in volunteers to attack painting, boiler, plaster and electrical problems on a regular basis. It is a labor of love to keep their building open and functioning.

I drive through Wheeling several times a year burning up I-70 between Indianapolis and all points East. Now I need to stop and check out the Scottish Rite on one of my trips.

Get your building listed on the National Historic Register, form a 501-(c)3 foundation specifically to preserve your building so that you can give tax deductions for donations (money for fraternal organization use is NOT tax deductible), and start beating the bushes for help.

H/T to the Scottish Rite SJ website.


  1. I did my DeMolay time in that building. It is impressive outside but incredible inside with all the marble floors and pillars. It is worth the stop Chris you will not be disappointed.

  2. I did my DeMolay time in that building. The marble work cathedral ceilings facilities it is just incredible! Worth the visit.?,?????,


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