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Friday, August 12, 2011

International Conference on American & Latin American Freemasonry 12/3

The Grand Lodge of California's Institute for Masonic Studies and the University of California, Los Angeles has announced the International Conference on American & Latin American Freemasonry: A New Past & A New Future.
December 3, 2011, CLA Faculty Center, 480 Charles Young Dr. East, Los Angeles, CA 90095
Guest Speakers:
Margaret Jacob, UCLA
José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli, Universidad de Zaragoza
Miguel Guzmán-Stein, Universidad de Costa Rica
Ricardo Martínez Esquivel, Universidad de Costa Rica
María Eugenia Vázquez Semadeni, UCLA
Guillermo de los Reyes Heredia, University of Houston.

Contact the Grand Lodge of California, Adam Kendall at 415/292-9137 or email at akendall@freemason.org.

From the UCLA Freemasonry and Civil Society website:

UCLA's History Department in collaboration of the Grand Lodge of the State of California and its Masonic Foundation have developed a working relationship that will permit a post-doctoral fellow, this year Maria Eugenia Vazquez-Semadini, and a research assistant, Jesse Sadler, to develop two courses on the history of freemasonry within the context of civil society. One course is offered in the winter quarter, 2011, and the other in the spring quarter, 2011. Among the topics to be addressed in these courses: the role of civil society in the formation of modern political systems, the origins of Anglo-American civil society and of freemasonry, the Enlightenment and freemasonry, The American and French Revolutions contrasted, the emergence of anti-masonry in Europe and America in the early 19th century, with many more topics to follow.

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